tisdag 3 februari 2015 - 17:01

A big box of love.

SAMSUNG CSC Got a box from Fast Sportnutrition yesterday.. Now all the kitchen cabins are filled with supplements. It should be enough for a month or so.. SAMSUNG CSC Got my favourite smoothie too, this is soo tasty! Also got excited to play with light and shadows, so here is an backpic. Got an updated trainingprogram from Jari. It was hell. My back is so sore. This will do miracles. SAMSUNG CSC  

tisdag 3 februari 2015 - 12:01

My day in pictures

I went to Tampere last Friday and decided to take my camera with me to take pics every hour.. So here we go.. 6 o´clock my alarm went of, I packed my final stuff and C drove me to the train station.. SAMSUNG CSC Breakfast at the train. A pancake I did the day before. Cold, rubbery but filled it´s purpose. SAMSUNG CSC In Tampere, finally! I thought that it would be warmer becouse hey, Tampere is south of Vaasa, but noooooo... Cold, windy and dark. Typical finnish winter. But I got all nostalgic and stuff when I walked down the street, the same street I´ve walked maaaany times before. SAMSUNG CSC Coffe and phone break.. Reeaally wanted something sweet to eat to, becouse I was so nervous for my meet with Jari, but Fitness Elin won this fight! SAMSUNG CSC Meeting with Jari, my trainer. We planned the year and I showed him my condition. So plans for this year is to start dieting in May and compete in September. So excited for my final year as an Junior! Let´s do this!! SAMSUNG CSC A quick meal, so quick that I just had time to take a picture of the paper. Then I jumped on a bus and went to Fast headquarters.. SAMSUNG CSC I talked to Taru at Fast about future plans and the sponsoring. It was so fun to meet her and when I left I got a big bag of new products and fast-pants, belt and shirt. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC     Took the bus back and fast fast fast to the gym where my friend was waiting for me ( I was almost an hour to late)  SAMSUNG CSC I was so happy to see my friend Roosa! It had been far to long. Then we went training, I trained back and Roosa helped me. Got a GREAT backworkout, it felt like my back was shaking afterwards. SAMSUNG CSC   Something quick to eat and then Roosa gave me a lift to the train station. There I realized something horrible.. SAMSUNG CSC The train was late. There is nothing more irritating than when I have to wait. ( except when people are leaving weights at the gym ;) ) SAMSUNG CSC More waiting in Seinäjoki.. I was so proud of my packing, I get better every time. I have never had this little with me to a day in Tampere before! SAMSUNG CSC More waiting in the train.. All trains was late on my way home. SO ANGRY! SAMSUNG CSC Finally back to my love, he was so excited to test out the new proteinbars I got.. Went to bed at 10pm.. Slept 12 hours btw. So tired..  

torsdag 29 januari 2015 - 21:16

The duckface is out!!

I just read that the duckface is out and The Faux-Surprise is the new thing to do! Instead of pouting your lips you should now just look suprised! duckfaceduckface2 And why is this importent/interesting/glad news you wonder? Well because I have already done this for several years!! 2014-10-11 19.28.56received_102040807353920572014-10-04 20.29.202014-10-04 14.48.11IMG_20140810_08411620140617_20155514772_431963496871538_967147151_n20140506_0751481Namnlös I think Taylor Swift took my facial expression and just made it prettier....   

måndag 26 januari 2015 - 21:02

Princess day

I remember thinking on my competition day that mostly what I did that day couldn´t count as having a princess day.. I looked terrible before I had put on my makeup, I was cold and I had been about 10 times to the bathroom (not number 1) before we went backstage. And I have herd many stories about dissiness, exhaustion and even passing out. I don´t think that many first time competitiors knows this but the competition day is many times far from a princess day.. wpid-photogrid_1410586675835.jpg I think my sport has got some bad reputation regarding the competition day. I feel that many competitors are using competing in a fitness sport as an excuse to get that one "princess day". They goes to the nailstylist to get expensive nails, get their hair extensions on, get makeup at a salon and expect papmering from everyone. They bleech their theet and get botox and fillers to look their best. And I´m afraid that they are missing the biggest part of the day. THE COMPETITION. This doesen´t of course mean that evérybody does this but many do and I hope that they realize that nothing of that are importent at the stage. You can´t get extra points if your hair is long or done by a proffessional. For example I did my nails, my hair and my makeup by myself. I didn´t get any treatments before competition and the only thing that was fake on me was my eyelashes and my tan. And I did great anyway. received_10204080733832018   Of course you have worked hard for this day, waited for it, mayby for many years but I hope that the focus not will be on that but on the importent thing, to enjoy the competing.  In april some are going to compete in Fitness Classic and I wish them all good luck and I hope they get a great day!  I also hope that they are looking forward to the competing and the thrill to be on the stage not the "princess day" when they just get to look pretty. 1920444_10152914893333777_7547206043190655755_n  

torsdag 22 januari 2015 - 17:02

Exciting times..

Yesterday I finally got my camera! Had some (read a lot) off trouble getting it but it´s finally here and I´m so pleased with it! Played around with it yesterday and tonight we are going to try it out at the gym. Finally I can get some great pictures!   SAMSUNG CSC Yesterday I was also at a meeting with other bloggers and now we can proudly present to you all that I´m going to move my blog (AGAIN!) to a portal that will be opening 14.2. My blog-address is going to change but everything else will be the same! Accept for greater pics of course ;)       sevendays   Also got my first Goodiebag, felt a little like Christmas to open up the bag and find the little gifts. Gotta save the candy for later but I tried the hand creme today and it was great!     SAMSUNG CSC

tisdag 13 januari 2015 - 22:15

how to improve/vary your squats!!

How do you do your squats?


In todays society a big butt is fashion. And the big butt should come from several sets of squats. But if you dont vary your squats or training you can plateau wich means you're not responding to training as you used to. This is something you wanna avoid and I wanna show you some varieties that you can try on your next session! PhotoGrid_1421172512149 The pistol squat. This exercise is properly done without a chair undernith so that the but can go all the way to the floor. But if you´re not that strong in your legs or this exercise is new to you the chair can help you along the way. Just put one leg up, sit down and stand up using only one leg. Keep your upperbody as straight as you can, chest and chin up! You can also use a wall to support your squat.         PhotoGrid_1421172561404   Smith squat with rubberband. Put the rubberband a little bit over your knees, put your feet in a sumosquat position and squat! Focus on pressing your knees out so that they are pointing in the same direction as your toes. This burns!         PhotoGrid_1421172609549   Box squat. Here you can vary your feet position, wider;more contact to the glutes and hamstrings, narrow; more contact to quads. You can do this exercise explosivly by sitting down on the chair and jump/pop up.    That was 3 different ways to do your squat. If you still wanna do regular squats I recommend to use these to to warm up or train on your technique. PhotoGrid_1421168562240PhotoGrid_1421172668195 I usually tip a littlebit to forward when I squat so by standing against a wall so that my nose almost touches the wall and squatting there forces my body to stand upright. Another varity that´s less scary is if you stand against the squating rack so you can support with your hands. As you see in the pic to the left I use my hands to measure where I stand. Two hands is for beginners, one hand is more difficult and no hands is hardcore! :) Until next time, do your squats!

måndag 5 januari 2015 - 15:28

Christmas weekend..

Hey! I took a little break from the blog to focus on family, friends, work, training and relaxing. And my Christmas has been all about those things. It has been a great couple of weeks. Took 4 days of training at the holidays wich did wonders to my motivation and muscles. These last days I've been training sporadically. No pressure or musts. I think it's great to take a little time off, starting this week it's 100 % until November when hopefully my 4th competition season is over. Back to the holidays. Worked at the holidays and spent the rest of the time with C, family and friends. Got a lot of Christmas presents, one of my favorite ones was the selfiestick! 20141225_134506(0) The weekend after Christmas we went to Vasa for some shopping. Found one pair of training shoes on sale. I bought them for competition prep when I'll be doing a lot of sprints and jumps. Can't wait to use them!! 1420458637726-2118914418 We also went training and an awesome thing had changed at Wasa Sports club! 20141228_172059 Arnold happened! What a great motivation to train with him on the wall. If you people want to do the same you can do it FOR FREE tomorrow  Tuesday 6.1! Wasa sports club has a open house where you can try out their classes or train in the gym. Are you in town tomorrow  you should definitely go visit the place! 2015-01-05 14.00.03 Also last Friday me and Christoffer got to celebrate our one year anniversary! We trained legs and went out for dinner. Snapchat-226015324117980941720150102_204524   Didn't get my camera out before I'd destroyed my meal. It was a salad and it wad really good!! And we got dessert afterwards :) Tomorrow we will return to Vasa because school starts again. It will be nice to get back to routines, a little vacation did good but I´m ready to get back to reality! Last I´ll trow you a little form update: this body benched 2x 67,5kg this weekend wich means that my strenght is slowly coming back! 6 kg from my personal record! 20141230_110856_9

onsdag 17 december 2014 - 12:58

Last weeks form check

1418809145926 1418809001089 1418808951237   These are from last week after a leg session at wasa sports club. I want to show you these pics because I feel that everybody is just posting pics where there in shape and prepping for competition. Nobody is seeing the cold truth. The offseason shape. I'm pretty happy with this shape, I'm not that boney anymore. I dont look the same all year round. I don't necessarily look like I'm even  competing when I'm wearing normal clothes. IMG_20141210_154422 The plan for next year is falling into place now. At ifbb.fi you can find the competition calendar and I've decided to compete next year in fall. Next year will be my last competition year as a junior and I think it will be a season filled with competitions! Until next time, train hard!

fredag 12 december 2014 - 10:19

No more third place!!

11 SS-1212014-10-05 14.54.122014-12-04 17.04.51 No more cake for me! Haha. But seriously tho. NO MORE THIRD PLACES!  

fredag 5 december 2014 - 22:48

Don't do this at the gym!!!

Oh man what I'm irritated at people who don't rerack weights at the gym. Clean AFTER YOU! It says all over the gym that you have to?! Can't you people read!? It's not that fun to come to a leg press and find that you have to take 300kg off before you can start. That's not how I want to start my leg day. If you can't rerack the plates/dumbells yourself you shouldn't train at all, the training is apparently not working. Another thing that's bothering me is that people are just leaving weights wherever it fits them!? What's up with that!? Today I did my training at Kokkola Sports Club and I noticed that all the weights where in place, no dumbells laying around or in wrong order at the rack. This warmed my heart. 1417807787042 1417807695317 1417807645021