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Skrivet av Linda Vestman 02.05.2019

"Run wild with me. Today won't come again."
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(en av fördelarna med att jobba på sjön; utsikten.)

Det finns många sätt att koppla av, logga ut och dra sig tillbaka, om än för en liten stund - blicka ut över ett skimrande hav, andas in doften av en ny årstid, le ikapp med solnedgången eller samla tankarna på en bit papper. Att välkomna en ny månad med öppet sinne och stor nyfikenhet. Likt våren är det tid för oss att blomstra, att vakna upp ur vinterdvalan och våga ta klivet framåt trots att vi inte alltid har en plan. Saker och ting har en tendens att lösa sig. Förr eller senare. 



Dear May...


… you come bearing sunshine, you come bearing love.

As I find myself moving with the waves, a sense of peace floating through my veins. The sun caressing my heart, the Moon my entire being. Providing me with love and light. Dear nature, dear ocean, you feed me hope. You feed me laughter. The way you so effortlessly transform into a beautiful work of art. 

Darling May, breathe my air, and kiss me there. I’m a little cold, but your lips fire up my soul. Run wild with me, let us chase our dreams. Today won’t come again.

May is all about speaking with honesty. Living with integrity, boldness and compassion. The words you speak become the house you live in. Now is the time to trust. Trust yourself, trust your calling. Staying open to how the sky, at night, changing its colors, hour by hour.

May is for magical, heart-warming evenings. Nature, and humans, reborn. Wherever life plants you, flourish with grace. Exploring the unknown, and taking chances. Believing in the magic of being. The beauty of humanity.

It’s about remaining interested, seeking knowledge and wisdom. Isn’t that why being a child is so wonderful? How she’s always in awe of something. Even the smallest things make her curious. Never afraid to just be. The way she’s exploring, questioning life. Living life.

”and i swear to god. i will forever and always be a child. a child of heart.”

Darling May, I welcome you. Your gracefulness found in every heart I meet, your light in every eyes I see. You make us blossom, you make us believe. Our true power always found underneath.

This is our birth.

This is where it all begins.

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