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Hårtrend: XXL

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 16.05.2019

Säsongens hetaste hårtrend stavas XXL, där extravagans är ledordet för de håraccessoarer som stulit uppmärksamheten från modet på catwalken. Istället för att gömma undan monotona hårspännen bland hårlockarna ska du gräva fram allt som sliter folks blickar till håret - tänk strass som gnistrar, hårklämmor i skinande metall, prydliga fjädrar, eleganta pärlor, nätta diadem och scarfar som sluter sig om hårslingorna. Namnlos design


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Ankelsmycket har gjort en stilfull comeback inför SS19! Länken gör sig präktig mellan stilrena sneakers och vadlånga vida byxor där den utgör en parant bråkdel för den som vill anamma den city chica looken. Vare sig länken består av polerade snäckor, gnistrande stenar eller glänsande guldkedjor så tar den upp en liten men utmärkande yta i vårens accessoarspel.

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Trendspaning: tre trender i en look! Sneakers + socks & sneakers combo + ankelkedjan!


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Scandinavian skincare is the next beauty phenomenon on the global beauty scene – it’s garnered attention thanks to its functional packaging, no-nonsense formulations, ingredients sourced from Mother Nature, sleek and cool designs and simplistic approach to beauty regimens. I dare say that S-beauty is the Nordic equivalent to Asian beauty trends, K-beauty and J-beauty. Below, find four tried and tested Scandi Skincare products:


Annemarie Börlind 2-Phase Hyaluron-Shake

Update: My mistake - this brand is German! I knew it somewhere in my subconscious but it slipped past me. I'll describe it anyhow, but I assure you that the rest of the products are indeed of Scandinavian heritage.


About the product: Never have I been this satisfied slathering on a beauty product. You know the feel when you put paint on a canvas using a delicious amount of colour on the tip of the brush? That’s the feel I get. Only instead of infusing a naked painting with an exorbitant amount of paint, I caress my face with a rich, silky smooth and comfortable blend of oils that keep my skin moisturized and smooth.

The shake is infused with hyaluronic acid, red algae extract and a mix of jojoba oil, coconut oil and soya oil – a potent blend of ingredients that hydrates and smoothens skin.

Additional notes: vegan, suitable for all ages and skin types (especially dry skin), the cool blue nuance comes from the mineral malachite.

Elixir Cosmeceuticals Niactil 4 %

So many promises, the best ones broken. My cheeks are slightly red and most of my face is covered with large, stubborn pores – conditions this serum is created to battle. Sadly, I haven’t noticed any changes in these areas. As opposed to the Blemish + Age Serum I wrote about in SKIN SAVIORS.

The bright side it that it’s an exquisite gel-like serum that feels good on the skin, maintains skin’s moisture and won’t clog pores or worsen an oily complexion.

Additional note: This product is praised by beauty reviewers who’ve claimed their pores have vanished, the redness has reduced and their skin tone has become more even. I’ve spoken to the dermatologists and founders of the brand, listened to their seminar and witnessed the documented effects of the products.

I can say that I have no doubt that this serum is a miracle worker for someone’s skin. Unfortunately, not for mine. As with all serums and creams and lotions in the beauty realm, it’s important to know that not everything will work for you.

BISOCOCO Coconut oil

I’ve despised coconut oil well over a decade! Thank you, Malibu Coconut Rum…

I haven’t been able to stand it since my unfortunate meeting with the liquor. Coconut scented candle? God no. Coconut body butter? I’d rather go with strawberry.

Until now. It only took me 10 years and this pretty tube to start appreciating the praised coconut oil. It has come to be one of my go-to products to keep my body parts soft and hydrated. It’s a multi-product, but I only use it as body lotion, lip balm and hand cream. It can also be used as a makeup remover, hair conditioner and facial moisturizer.

Additional notes: The cream comes out as a bit stubby, but quickly melts between the fingers and glides on smoothly upon application. The coconut oil adds a desired gloss to the lips – not a long-lasting one, but still.

Acasia Skincare 24h Repair Cream

A cream that gives your skin a slack. Being a die-hard fan of using active ingredients, this gentle moisturizer has been a real treat to apply to skin when it’s time for a vacation from exfoliating acids and harsh treatments.

Additional notes: excellent during the extreme months of winter. A saviour for irritated, sensitive and dry skin.



Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion

Like cleansing skin with a silk cloth. Deliciously soft cleansing lotion that glides over skin as smoothly and effortlessly as a dolphin rides the wild waves of the ocean. Another calming product that I much prefer to use when I’m taking a break from harsh acid cleansers and toners.



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My SS19 season essentials! Ankle boots and belted bags become staple pieces. The colour palette is dramatically black with splashes of neon colours. Oversize silhouettes play their part when it comes to shape. A look that dates back to the subcultural 90s (a fashion decade I adore) but with a contemporary edge to it.

On another note: I forgot to include the bucket hat. The bucket hat is a MUST-HAVE to fulfill my ultimate style agenda for SS19! And I'll take the hat in black, please.

SS19 Style

/ Zip Detail Cargo Pants / Printed Hoodie / Studded Belt Bag / Ankle Boots /

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