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Scandinavian skincare is the next beauty phenomenon on the global beauty scene – it’s garnered attention thanks to its functional packaging, no-nonsense formulations, ingredients sourced from Mother Nature, sleek and cool designs and simplistic approach to beauty regimens. I dare say that S-beauty is the Nordic equivalent to Asian beauty trends, K-beauty and J-beauty. Below, find four tried and tested Scandi Skincare products:


Annemarie Börlind 2-Phase Hyaluron-Shake

Update: My mistake - this brand is German! I knew it somewhere in my subconscious but it slipped past me. I'll describe it anyhow, but I assure you that the rest of the products are indeed of Scandinavian heritage.


About the product: Never have I been this satisfied slathering on a beauty product. You know the feel when you put paint on a canvas using a delicious amount of colour on the tip of the brush? That’s the feel I get. Only instead of infusing a naked painting with an exorbitant amount of paint, I caress my face with a rich, silky smooth and comfortable blend of oils that keep my skin moisturized and smooth.

The shake is infused with hyaluronic acid, red algae extract and a mix of jojoba oil, coconut oil and soya oil – a potent blend of ingredients that hydrates and smoothens skin.

Additional notes: vegan, suitable for all ages and skin types (especially dry skin), the cool blue nuance comes from the mineral malachite.

Elixir Cosmeceuticals Niactil 4 %

So many promises, the best ones broken. My cheeks are slightly red and most of my face is covered with large, stubborn pores – conditions this serum is created to battle. Sadly, I haven’t noticed any changes in these areas. As opposed to the Blemish + Age Serum I wrote about in SKIN SAVIORS.

The bright side it that it’s an exquisite gel-like serum that feels good on the skin, maintains skin’s moisture and won’t clog pores or worsen an oily complexion.

Additional note: This product is praised by beauty reviewers who’ve claimed their pores have vanished, the redness has reduced and their skin tone has become more even. I’ve spoken to the dermatologists and founders of the brand, listened to their seminar and witnessed the documented effects of the products.

I can say that I have no doubt that this serum is a miracle worker for someone’s skin. Unfortunately, not for mine. As with all serums and creams and lotions in the beauty realm, it’s important to know that not everything will work for you.

BISOCOCO Coconut oil

I’ve despised coconut oil well over a decade! Thank you, Malibu Coconut Rum…

I haven’t been able to stand it since my unfortunate meeting with the liquor. Coconut scented candle? God no. Coconut body butter? I’d rather go with strawberry.

Until now. It only took me 10 years and this pretty tube to start appreciating the praised coconut oil. It has come to be one of my go-to products to keep my body parts soft and hydrated. It’s a multi-product, but I only use it as body lotion, lip balm and hand cream. It can also be used as a makeup remover, hair conditioner and facial moisturizer.

Additional notes: The cream comes out as a bit stubby, but quickly melts between the fingers and glides on smoothly upon application. The coconut oil adds a desired gloss to the lips – not a long-lasting one, but still.

Acasia Skincare 24h Repair Cream

A cream that gives your skin a slack. Being a die-hard fan of using active ingredients, this gentle moisturizer has been a real treat to apply to skin when it’s time for a vacation from exfoliating acids and harsh treatments.

Additional notes: excellent during the extreme months of winter. A saviour for irritated, sensitive and dry skin.



Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion

Like cleansing skin with a silk cloth. Deliciously soft cleansing lotion that glides over skin as smoothly and effortlessly as a dolphin rides the wild waves of the ocean. Another calming product that I much prefer to use when I’m taking a break from harsh acid cleansers and toners.



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My SS19 season essentials! Ankle boots and belted bags become staple pieces. The colour palette is dramatically black with splashes of neon colours. Oversize silhouettes play their part when it comes to shape. A look that dates back to the subcultural 90s (a fashion decade I adore) but with a contemporary edge to it.

On another note: I forgot to include the bucket hat. The bucket hat is a MUST-HAVE to fulfill my ultimate style agenda for SS19! And I'll take the hat in black, please.

SS19 Style

/ Zip Detail Cargo Pants / Printed Hoodie / Studded Belt Bag / Ankle Boots /

Out of Office

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Namnlos design 1Namnlos design


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Namnlos design 2



Blazer [vintage] / Filippa K

Diamond choker / Glitter


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It was only a matter of time before the beauty shelves started flooding with multi-task products to keep our skin care regime simple, efficient and to the point, cutting us some slack from preaching advanced 10-step routines that are taking over our social media feeds. And sanity.

Skip care, as the skin care trend is conveniently called, is about skipping steps, or products, in your routine by recognizing what your skin really needs and stop slathering on acid exfoliators, vitamin C boosters and retinol serums just for the sake of it.

To save precious time, hard-earned money and rescue an overworked skin (using too many products may bring havoc on your skin rather than treating it,) identify your skin’s concerns and find the ingredients your skin needs to diminish them. Or invest in multi-tasking products, as the trend also suggests.

From left to right, find the new time savers of our time.

Namnlos design 1

SkinCeuticals: serum and oil

For who: anyone with aging skin and/ or imperfections like blemishes, uneven skin tone and large pores

Charlotte Tilbury: overnight mask with self-tanning and moisturizing properties

For who: anyone on the lookout for a sultry Hollywood glow or Ibiza tan.

Sunday Riley: Serum, mask and exfoliator on a bottle

For who: anyone looking to combat a dull complexion and clogged pores. Cleanse skin, slather this on and go get your beauty sleep. If you choose to wear this by day, apply SPF. A treatment with glycolic acid makes your skin sensitive to environmental aggressors.

J. One Jellypack: Antioxidant serum, primer and moisturiser

For who: anyone looking to prep and prime before makeup or treat skin with a daily dose of antioxidants and hydration.

Weleda Skin Food: Universal cream for face and body

For who: Winter time saviour for anyone suffering from dry skin. Flaky elbows? Feed it some skin food. Dry hands? Slather ‘em. Cracked heels? Caress them good with a handful of lotion.

Smart Skin Care Shopping

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smart skin care

Sadly, skincare is expensive. That’s why you should think twice before you purchase that 89€ serum. Below, you’ll find simple and smart advice on smart spending on skin care.

ml vs $€

30 ml, 100 ml or 250 ml. What to choose? The cheapest one with minimum amount? Think again. Some products contain double the amount for a few more coins.

E.g. 250ml for 15€ and 500ml for 23€, making the largest product the most profitable option.

Advice: Do also compare to other brands.

Do your research

Eager to try a new product or ingredient? Do your research! Read beauty blogs, reviews, check forums and talk to skin care junkies. I’m available in the comment field and on Instagram. There are plenty of beauty enthusiasts who are willing to help.

Wrong product

Purchased a cream that turned out to not suit your skin? Instead of throwing/giving the product away, use it on your neck and décolletage. These areas need care too and are less sensitive and less prone to break outs.

Ask for a tester

Curious about a product with a hefty price tag? Ask for a tester. Don’t run through stores begging for them, simply explain your concern and ask for a tester for the product(s) you actually consider purchasing should the tester be good.

Know what you’re doing

There is no use spending money on an efficient cream if you don’t cleanse your skin. Nor is it if you apply a cream before your serum. If you apply the cream on an uncleansed skin you won’t see much results. You’ll simply enclose the impurities you haven’t wiped off your face. If you apply a serum after your cream it won’t do any good for your skin. The thick cream will shut out the serum’s properties. 

Think like this: from the thinnest to the thickest consistency = serum, eye cream, cream, SPF. (After cleanser!)

Base bathroom cabinet 

You don’t need dozens of products! A cleanser, cream and SPF is a good start!

Advice: Use a 24-hour cream to use in the morning and evening instead of spending money on a separate day and night cream.

Extra boost: Use peeling and mask once a week

When ready: Start incorporating serum, booster, toner and acids to your routine should your interest in skin care be developed. And if your skin needs it.  

(More on the basic skincare regime + bonus steps in another post)

On another note, skip-care is becoming a trend that’s the opposite of the popular Korean 10-step skincare regime. Skip-care is basically products developed for multifunctional use. E.g. Mask, peeling and serum – all in one product! Read more about skip-care in my next post.

Screenshot 20181213 125535


De flesta hudvårdsprodukter är dyra. Tyvärr! Därför är det bra att tänka efter kring dina köp. Nedan hittar du enkla tips på hur du tänker smart kring dina hudvårdsköp:

Mängd vs pris

30 ml, 100 ml eller 250 ml… vilken ska du välja? Den minsta är billigast så kanske den? Nej, kolla mängd och prislapp! Många hudvårdsprodukter innehåller mycket mer och kan kosta dig några ynka mynt mer.

EX: 250 ml för 15€ och 500 ml för 23€. I längden vinner du på att ta den största förpackningen.

Tips: jämför även med andra varumärken.

Läs på

Intresserad av en ny produkt eller ingrediens? Gör din research! Läs skönhetsbloggar och recensioner kring det du vill testa. Snacka även med skönhetsnördar. Jag är tillgänglig i kommentatorfältet och på Instagram. Finns många andra beautyjunkies som gärna hjälper. 

Fel produkt

Har du köpt en kräm som slutligen inte alls passar din hy? Istället för att slänga eller ge bort den kan du använda den till nacke och dekolletage. Dessa ställen behöver också vård + att ställena inte är lika känsliga.

Be om tester

Finns det en produkt du är jättenyfiken på att prova men tvekar p.g.a. den feta prislappen? Be om tester! Nu menar jag inte att du ska springa in i varje butik och kräva tiotals testers. Prata med försäljaren om dina funderingar och be sedan om prover på det du faktiskt vill köpa (om produkten visar sig vara bra efter provet.)

Ha koll på det du gör

Det är ingen vits att köpa en kräm om du inte rengör ansiktet ordentligt. Eller applicera serum efter kräm. Applicerar du en kräm utan rengöring stänger du in de orenheter som du inte tvättat bort. Vilket gör att din kräm inte ger den effekt du söker. Applicerar du serum efter kräm så kan inte serumet verka på huden. Den tjocka krämen stänger ut serumets egenskaper.

Tänk såhär: från den tunnaste till den tjockaste konsistensen = serum, ögonkräm, kräm, SPF. (Efter rengöring!)


Du behöver inte tiotals produkter. Rengöring, kräm och SPF kommer du långt på.

Tips: Istället för dag- och nattkräm kan du satsa på en 24h kräm som du kan använda morgon och kväll.

Vill du ge huden det där lilla extra kan du köra peeling och mask en gång i veckan.

När du är redo: om intresse och behov finns kan du tillsätta serum, boosters, syror eller toners till din rutin. (Mer om dessa produkter i ett senare inlägg)

Trendspaning: Skip-care fenomenet sätter sig mot den koreanska 10-stegsrutinen. Skip-care innebär produkter med flera syften. Exempelvis mask, peeling och serum i en produkt! I nästa inlägg får ni läsa mer om skip-care.