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Heart Cold For Everyone But You

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 10.12.2018

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Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 05.12.2018

A luxurious, pleasant and juicy coat for lips, keeping them hydrated, smooth and lustruous. This lip oil is an ideal companion for winter dry lips. The rich formula works as a protective barrier against the harsh cold while natural oils from jojoba, hazelnut and mirabelle plum nurture and smoothen.  

What I adore about Honey Glam is that it's a cocktail of nutrition and gloss.

If you're looking for a nurturing lip oil that gives your lips a discreet plump effect I suggest you try the one in Mint.lip deluxe


Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 24.11.2018

To me, makeup and skincare are not only existent to keep stubborn zits in check and give you an affordable and instant surge of confidence. It mends something deeper and gets you through the dark days and cold temperatures us Scandinavians have to endure. Below, the products that get me through the winter season.


Chanel Eye Shadow Palette, Tissé Camélia (202) - luxurious colours with velvety textures that feel like a caress on your skin upon application.  

NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Complex Serum - Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient that keeps skin moisturized, smooth and plump. An ideal companion during drying, cold climates. 

Viva La Juicy EdP - Nothing sets the mood for the day better than a fragrance! Besides a hefty, juicy breakfast...

Tangerines and wild berries are the key notes in this EdP, making up for a playful and fun mood.  

Philosophy Turbo Booster Vitamin C Powder - One word - Vitamin C! A powerful antioxidant that brightens skin tone, adds lustre and protects skin from environmental aggressors. I blend a small amount of the powder in my day cream to keep skin protected and fresh-looking.

H&M Illuminazing Drops - I put faith in a few drops of illuminazing liquid to brighten up my skin. And my day. 

LUSH Cosmetic Warrior - Cooling mask that contains antibacterial tea tree oil and deep cleansing fresh garlic - that doesn't smell! It's a litteral cosmetic warrior against acne-prone skin. 



Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 22.11.2018

Would you believe me if I told you I haven't worn a shirt since 2007? Not sure I would either, but I know for a fact that a plain shirt hasn't been a style staple in my closet for years. At least not until 2 weeks ago, when I found this crispy freshness in a pile of flea market items. I think life in Stockholm, with its ridiculously oversimplified looks on voguish inhabitants, have infected my style choices. And I don't mind it the slightest. 



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My skin is a high-maintenance snob that only feeds on specific products. Give it something that's not considered worthy and it rebels. These skincare saviours literally saved my acne-prone, oily, problematic skin.

Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense - after using this oil-free, exfoliating serum for 4 weeks, my despicably enormous pores were refined and tighter = smaller. AHA, BHA and dioic acids are the heroes in the serum and made sure that my pores "shrunk." The blemishes and inflamed skin I had before I started using it have gone on a hopefully permanent vacay.

Skinceuticals Daily Moisture - this is my one and only for my oily complexion. Even if my skin never gets dry, not even during minus degrees, I use a proper moisturizer to maintain and improve its condition. Like the serum, this one also minimizes pores. I believe the duo combined are the reason behind my now nearly invisible pores. Botanical extracts, algae extracts and Vitamin E are the key ingredients that nourish, hydrate and protect skin from environmental stressors.


Body Soufflé

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 14.11.2018

A creamy treat for the body! Smells like divine vanilla from a French bakery - upon application and after. I also like the consistency - like whipped cream that is easily absorbed and doesn't smell too overwhelming. The pretty packaging also makes it suitable for a shelfie picture. 


Ingredients: Vitamin E, meadowfoam oil, shea butter and Babassu oil are composed to nurture and add moisture to winter dry skin. 


Body Soufflé

Style Advice

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 13.11.2018

A simple style advice: If you're tired of your neutral, one-coloured fall/winter jacket or coat, remove the belt it comes with and replace it with a belt that adds a twist. Whether it is a belt that's embedded with gold details, logos or text prints. 

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Triple Cleanse: How To

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 09.11.2018

Vare sig du tvättar ansikte med rengöringsservetter eller dubbelrengör med din favoritrengöring lägger du kanske märke till att det finns sminkfärg och smuts som vägrar försvinna, hur mycket du än rengör. Speciellt om du är en flitig användare av foundation, puder eller annan basmakeup är det svårt att få bort allt som sitter kvar. Även om du använder en bra rengöring. Då kan en 3-stegs-rengöring funka – så gör du:

- Börja med att tvätta ansiktet med ett rengöringsbalm för att ta bort smuts och makeup. Skölj sedan med vatten och fortsätt till steg två.

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 Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm / Hydropeptide Soothing Balm / Dermalogica Precleanse Balm


- Använd valfri rengöring, vare sig det är en gel-, mjölk- eller skumrengöring. Kom ihåg att ha din hudtyp i åtanke!

Skönhetstips: Du kan med fördel använda en rengöring med syra i, som ger din hud en mild peeling och tar bort döda hudceller. Hej, lyster!


Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel / Medik8 Pore Cleanse Gel Intense / Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Solutions Cleanser / 
Leegeehaam Life Cleansing Foam


- Slutligen, applicera micellärt vatten på ett par bomullsrondeller för att ta bort de sista spåren av makeup, smuts och fett.   



Verso Skincare Micellar Water / Codage Micellar Water 




You may have cleansed your face once using a cleansing wipe or even twice with a proper cleanser, but still see stains from your foundation land on the cotton pads once you investigate how clean your face really is.

Truth is, if you’re a lover of foundation, powder or anything else that sits on your face all day, it can be hard to get rid of all the dirt, oil and makeup. Not even if you cleanse thoroughly using a reliable cleanser.

That´s when a triple cleanse routine can help you:


- Start with a cleansing balm. Massage it onto skin to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup. Wipe away the product and grit to prepare for step two. 

- Cleanse your face with a cleanser of your choice, keeping your skin type in mind! It can be a milk, foam or gel cleanser.

Beauty advice: Use a cleanser that contains acid. It will give your skin a gentle exfoliation and remove dead skin cells. Hello, glow!

- Lastly, remove the last traces of makeup, dirt and oil using a cotton pad that’s soaked in micellar water.



Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 08.11.2018

To me, black can never be boring. If you ever feel that way, play with different types of fabrics and silhouettes, and throw in some jewelry. It's as simple as that. 



Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 07.11.2018

Fall essentials. Getting my style fix from Styleby's thick, new FW -18/19 issue. Playing with luxurious fall eyeshadows. Tan and gold rings adding shine to the darker days. Keeping it cool with my Old Céline-inspired shades.