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Trend: Cycling Shorts

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 24.10.2018

These are real cyckling shorts. Like, they have a built-in pillow that creates an illusion of a bigger booty. Uncomfy, but... well, no one's missed the obsession with having a thick booty, so I'm kinda liking it. You should also know that that's not the reason I bought them... at all! I bought a helmet and was also going to buy a mountain bike last summer. But since summer -17 was like a pro-longed spring and an early fall I never got around to it. So instead of weeping over a pair of never worn cycling shorts I dug them out from the back of my wardrobe for styling purposes. Lucky for me cycling shorts are the shorts people have been wearing this season. And last season. Unfortunately I won't be able to rock this look any longer since the degrees are dropping. Perhaps I'll give them a new purpose and drag my lazy, newly thick booty to the gym. Who knows, maybe I'll find a purpose for the unused helmet too. 1540311953532154031200716415403120352601540312125981


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Things I'm into right now: Prada's fast logos, Acne Studios' aesthetic, vinyl trench coats, Fendi's logomania apparel & accessories, band tees, Coveteur's book of voguish people's closets... Find links below. 

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1. vinyl trench coat / 2. Fendi shades / 3. Prada heels / 4. Sneakers / 5. Tee / 6. Fashion book



Weekend Beauty Mode

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 13.10.2018

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Prolong Your Tan - The Vegan Way

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 05.10.2018

This year Pinterest saw a 281% increase in searches for Vegan Beauty! That's an insane increase, which gave me the idea to post a guide on how to prolong your summer tan the vegan way. Below, find 6 vegan self-tanning products! (According to

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1. Maria Åkerberg Tan in a Bottle

2. Löwengrip Luminous Bronze Self Tan Drops 

3. Ida Warg Self Tanning Spray

4. Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

5. ACO Self Tanning Lotion

6. KICKS Beauty Instant Bronzing Self Tan Body Mousse

Beauty Questionnaire

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 21.09.2018


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My first beauty memory: I was a teenager browsing through a glossy magazine and came across a golden goddess look in a spring/summer issue + tips on how to recreate it. I recreated it and it's been my signature look ever since - bronze skin, bronze lids and nude lips.


My daily beauty routine: Cleanser, micellar water, serum layering (2-3 serums), day cream, SPF.


Makeup look: Bronze skin, bronze lids and nude, glossy lips + dark brows, 2 layers of mascara and kohl liner for intense eyes. 


Time spent on doing makeup: I rarely do my makeup, but when I do, it takes about 15 minutes.  


Selected makeup must-haves: Bronzer, eyebrow pomade & nude lipstick is all I need for a fresh beauty look. 


Hair care secrets: I rarely wash my hair and I never use heating tools! I keep it natural = no styling products and I apply nurturing hair oils daily. I never comb it when it's wet and squeeze the hair rather then rub it dry. I use hair treatment masks weekly. 


Relationship with scents: My first love was Escada. Every single launch. I was obsessed! Ever since, I've been a fan of all scents fruity, floral, sweet, fun and playful. Juicy Couture's fragrances are my favorite at the moment.


Skincare obsessions: Sheet masks drenched in nurturing ingredients, serums, acid peelings, eye patches. 


Salon treatments: Every now and then. I admit I've been lazy lately, but I'm saving up money and have enough cool products to treat myself at home with.


Beauty icon: Aaliyah! 


Something you want to try out: Microblading.


When do you feel the prettiest: A fresh spraytan works wonders for the complexion!


Latest beauty obsession: A body mist - hydrates skin within seconds! I will never use body lotion again! 


Favorite brands for skin: Skinceutikals, DMK, Kiehls, Mene & Moy.


Favorite makeup brands: Don't have a fave brand, but I do have fave products: Dior or L'Oréal mascara, NYX liquid lipstick, Too Faced foundation, H&M bronzer, KIKO kohl liner, Marc Jacobs glow drops, Sleek highlighting palette, Anastasia dipbrow pomade, Buxom eyeshadows.


Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 18.09.2018

I feel bared without gold slithering around my fingers, hugging my neck or tracing my arms. Here are a few close-ups of my signature jewelry looks.

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Perfume Innovations

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 15.09.2018

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Thanks to social media, phenomena go viral on a daily basis, making this generation hard to impress. Because we've seen it all, even if it's viewed through a screen. But this summer, I was utterly amazed by this little invention spread out on the covers of Swedish ELLE! It was a gift from a friend and I honestly had no idea what it was. A concealer/highlighting/strobing/foundation stick? A lip balm? Those were my guesses and they all turned out to be wrong. It's a perfume stick! Such a simple and genius invention. Perfect to carry around in your bag instead of a heavy bottle of perfume. Weeks later I scrolled through my Insta feed and came across another perfume invention. A gel cream! I was impressed. Again... It also reminded me of how truly amazing the beauty industry really is.

gel perfume

Find a similar stick here. And a perfume gel cream here.


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Look of the day - Lace up leather pants, space sneakers and a see-through purse to showcase some more details. 

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Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 12.09.2018

My passion is my fulltime job and is taking up ALL of my time right now. I miss blogging, truly, but simply don't have time for it. A lot of exciting things are happening this fall that I have to put my full attention and focus on. I got a head full of concepts and ideas, but lack the time for posting. I will do my best to get back on track. In the meantime, here's some autumn style inspiration sourced from pinterest and tumblr.

Autumn is my favorite month when it comes to fashion and style. My autumn wardrobe will be consisting of a neutral blend of colours and sporty influences that mix with luxurious-looking and cozy fabrics. My style will consist of accessories like bags and hats and scarves that steal the spotlight from the outfit, and gold that shines bright under the sun's early autumn rays. The layer on layer effect is also welcomed to mingle at the union of fall colours, fabrics and silhouettes. 










Scalp Detox – How To

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 24.08.2018 | 1 kommentar(er)

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Photographer: Guy Bourdin


A while ago I wrote a post stating the importance of detoxing your scalp. This post is about how you do it properly:


Find a formula for your hair type

A product infused with charcoal and coconut is ideal for curly hair while sea salt works best for fine and coloured hair. A blend of charcoal and coconut loosens up build up and contains plant extracts that nurture curly hairs that are often dry and frizzy. Sea salt scrubs calm and remove excess product including leftovers from hair dye that may cause itchiness.  


Do a pre-detox

Apply an overnight hair mask infused with natural, non-greasy oils like argan and coconut oil and let it work wonders overnight. The following day, pick up your scalp treatment and massage it onto the different sections of your head for 3-4 minutes on each section.

Don’t exaggerate

If you love va-va-voom hair and frequently use hairspray and mousse, or simply have a problematic and oily scalp, detox once a week. If your hair is dry, use it every two weeks. For textured hair, do a detox once every few months.

Maintain and promote results  

Maintain a healthy scalp by staying clear of silicone-infused styling products and applying grand amounts of shampoo and conditioner when cleansing hair as these products may cause build up and clogged follicles.

Promote growth with regular massages that stimulate and boast circulation while giving hair shine and keeping the scalp healthy and happy. Use your hands or buy a massage tool for your hair.


Hur gör man en skalpdetox?

För ett tag sedan skrev jag om hur viktigt det är att göra en skalpdetox. I detta inlägg berättar jag hur:


Finn rätt produkt

En produkt som innehåller aktivt kol och kokos är idealiskt för lockigt hår medan havssalt funkar bäst för färgat hår. En mix utav kol och kokos lättar på produktuppbyggnad och innehåller plantextrakt som vårdar lockigt/ krulligt hår som oftast är torrt och frissigt. Havssalt lugnar och tar bort produktrester, även rester från hårfärg, som kan orsaka klåda.     


Gör en pre-detox

Sov med en hårmask bestående av naturliga, icke-feta oljor som arganolja och kokosolja och låt de utföra sin magi över natten. Dela upp håret i sektioner och massera in skalpprodukten följande dag. Massera 3-4 minuter per sektion.  


Överdriv inte

Om du älskar va-va-voom effekt och använder hårspray och mousse regelbundet eller helt enkelt har en problematisk, oljig hårbotten ska du detoxa skalpen en gång per vecka. Om håret är torrt, gör det varannan vecka. Hår med textur kan du detoxa med månaders mellanrum.


Upprätthåll och bättra resultatet

Håll dig undan stylingprodukter med silikon i och undvik att applicera för mycket schampo och balsam eftersom det kan orsaka produktuppbyggnad och täppa till hårsäckarna. Förbättra resultatet med regelbunden massage för att stimulera cirkulationen och ge håret glans och hålla skalpen hälsosam och glad. Använd händerna eller införskaffa ett massageredskap för hårbotten.