torsdag 22 november 2018 - 17:56


Would you believe me if I told you I haven't worn a shirt since 2007? Not sure I would either, but I know for a fact that a plain shirt hasn't been a style staple in my closet for years. At least not until 2 weeks ago, when I found this crispy freshness in a pile of flea market items. I think life in Stockholm, with its ridiculously oversimplified looks on voguish inhabitants, have infected my style choices. And I don't mind it the slightest. 


tisdag 13 november 2018 - 13:31

Style Advice

A simple style advice: If you're tired of your neutral, one-coloured fall/winter jacket or coat, remove the belt it comes with and replace it with a belt that adds a twist. Whether it is a belt that's embedded with gold details, logos or text prints. 

Screenshot 20181113 132529

torsdag 8 november 2018 - 22:04


To me, black can never be boring. If you ever feel that way, play with different types of fabrics and silhouettes, and throw in some jewelry. It's as simple as that. 


onsdag 7 november 2018 - 21:49


Fall essentials. Getting my style fix from Styleby's thick, new FW -18/19 issue. Playing with luxurious fall eyeshadows. Tan and gold rings adding shine to the darker days. Keeping it cool with my Old Céline-inspired shades.


tisdag 6 november 2018 - 18:19


I've never been fond of scarves. At least not of tiny ones that fail to provide my neck with the warmth it craves during the cold and hard fall/ winter times. But when I found this one, a neat 100 % leather scarf from the Styleby x Wera collaboration, I couldn't resist claiming it as mine. Whether I was convinced by my mum's persuasive ways or the countless editorials my eyes feasted upon in the latest Styleby magazine, it doesn't really matter. I got it, and love it. And it's now my perfect fall accessory. You can find it here


lördag 27 oktober 2018 - 22:54


The details make the outfit. They always do. In this look I adore the belted bag, which can be styled in two ways. Either used for its purpose - being a bag to keep your cash, keys, nude lipsticks or whatever item you want to store in it. Or as an eye-catching element. That being the buckle.

Another thing I'm obsessing over this fall is leather on leather. While you certainly can go all in and rock it head-to-toe, it's more interesting if you throw in other fabrics for contrast. Especially if you choose to wear an all-black ensemble.  


onsdag 24 oktober 2018 - 21:59

Trend: Cycling Shorts

These are real cyckling shorts. Like, they have a built-in pillow that creates an illusion of a bigger booty. Uncomfy, but... well, no one's missed the obsession with having a thick booty, so I'm kinda liking it. You should also know that that's not the reason I bought them... at all! I bought a helmet and was also going to buy a mountain bike last summer. But since summer -17 was like a pro-longed spring and an early fall I never got around to it. So instead of weeping over a pair of never worn cycling shorts I dug them out from the back of my wardrobe for styling purposes. Lucky for me cycling shorts are the shorts people have been wearing this season. And last season. Unfortunately I won't be able to rock this look any longer since the degrees are dropping. Perhaps I'll give them a new purpose and drag my lazy, newly thick booty to the gym. Who knows, maybe I'll find a purpose for the unused helmet too. 1540311953532154031200716415403120352601540312125981

torsdag 13 september 2018 - 12:41


Look of the day - Lace up leather pants, space sneakers and a see-through purse to showcase some more details. 

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onsdag 12 september 2018 - 22:20


My passion is my fulltime job and is taking up ALL of my time right now. I miss blogging, truly, but simply don't have time for it. A lot of exciting things are happening this fall that I have to put my full attention and focus on. I got a head full of concepts and ideas, but lack the time for posting. I will do my best to get back on track. In the meantime, here's some autumn style inspiration sourced from pinterest and tumblr.

Autumn is my favorite month when it comes to fashion and style. My autumn wardrobe will be consisting of a neutral blend of colours and sporty influences that mix with luxurious-looking and cozy fabrics. My style will consist of accessories like bags and hats and scarves that steal the spotlight from the outfit, and gold that shines bright under the sun's early autumn rays. The layer on layer effect is also welcomed to mingle at the union of fall colours, fabrics and silhouettes.