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My Style Philosophy

At a very young age I had developed the understanding of the power of fashion. How to signal the world your place in it. Whether using it as an armor against the gruesome political climate (or making a statement about it), conveying a self-assured attitude or flaunting a concealed identity that could never be expressed with words.


I've lived by this philosophy since my discovery of fashion - to show my very place in this world. But having my butt glued to the chair days on end, trapped before tech-screens to conjure up engaging writing, has led to a decrease in living out my deepest fashion desires. That's why an invitation to Daisy Beauty Awards heightened my lust for fashion, resulting in the hunt for a dress made to shine amongst the freckles in the sky. 

Silver, sequins and sparkle were key words in the search. And the result of an attire suitable for a gala, and my style philosophy, is seen below. 

Screenshot 20190222 134010

Screenshot 20190222 134023


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When did I grow up?

Adjusting the wrinkled sleeves of a bone-white shirt I found for 5 euros in a thrift shop, I gazed up at woman mirroring my move. The reflection hosted familiar eyes, yet the depths of them belonged to someone else. An odd blend of agitation and enchantment interlaced in my eyes, merging because of the vision before them. A brow lifted and fell with the hand I had used to alter the fit of the wear, questioning the imposter in the mirror.

I do not wear shirts. Never, I said to myself, close to denial. But my words of lies were deceived by the vivacity in my eyes. Still, I refused to be fooled. It wasn’t until the sensuality of a creamy dream clung to my bare flesh that I dealt with the alternation in my identity. The plain shirt and a blazer painted in the most impeccable shade of beige introduced me to a new fashion landscape. I have now dedicated a section of my wardrobe to the Scandinavian aesthetic, coming to terms with the fact that my stylistic approach has grown up and entered a new, alluring dimension of style.

Namnlos design 1Namnlos design

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Blazer [vintage] / Filippa K

Diamond choker / Glitter

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Would you believe me if I told you I haven't worn a shirt since 2007? Not sure I would either, but I know for a fact that a plain shirt hasn't been a style staple in my closet for years. At least not until 2 weeks ago, when I found this crispy freshness in a pile of flea market items. I think life in Stockholm, with its ridiculously oversimplified looks on voguish inhabitants, have infected my style choices. And I don't mind it the slightest. 


tisdag 13 november 2018 - 13:31

Style Advice

A simple style advice: If you're tired of your neutral, one-coloured fall/winter jacket or coat, remove the belt it comes with and replace it with a belt that adds a twist. Whether it is a belt that's embedded with gold details, logos or text prints. 

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To me, black can never be boring. If you ever feel that way, play with different types of fabrics and silhouettes, and throw in some jewelry. It's as simple as that.