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My skin is a high-maintenance snob that only feeds on specific products. Give it something that's not considered worthy and it rebels. These skincare saviours literally saved my acne-prone, oily, problematic skin.

Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense - after using this oil-free, exfoliating serum for 4 weeks, my despicably enormous pores were refined and tighter = smaller. AHA, BHA and dioic acids are the heroes in the serum and made sure that my pores "shrunk." The blemishes and inflamed skin I had before I started using it have gone on a hopefully permanent vacay.

Skinceuticals Daily Moisture - this is my one and only for my oily complexion. Even if my skin never gets dry, not even during minus degrees, I use a proper moisturizer to maintain and improve its condition. Like the serum, this one also minimizes pores. I believe the duo combined are the reason behind my now nearly invisible pores. Botanical extracts, algae extracts and Vitamin E are the key ingredients that nourish, hydrate and protect skin from environmental stressors.



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