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Perfume Innovations

Skrivet av Isabel Järnström 15.09.2018

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Thanks to social media, phenomena go viral on a daily basis, making this generation hard to impress. Because we've seen it all, even if it's viewed through a screen. But this summer, I was utterly amazed by this little invention spread out on the covers of Swedish ELLE! It was a gift from a friend and I honestly had no idea what it was. A concealer/highlighting/strobing/foundation stick? A lip balm? Those were my guesses and they all turned out to be wrong. It's a perfume stick! Such a simple and genius invention. Perfect to carry around in your bag instead of a heavy bottle of perfume. Weeks later I scrolled through my Insta feed and came across another perfume invention. A gel cream! I was impressed. Again... It also reminded me of how truly amazing the beauty industry really is.

gel perfume

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