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It was only a matter of time before the beauty shelves started flooding with multi-task products to keep our skin care regime simple, efficient and to the point, cutting us some slack from preaching advanced 10-step routines that are taking over our social media feeds. And sanity.

Skip care, as the skin care trend is conveniently called, is about skipping steps, or products, in your routine by recognizing what your skin really needs and stop slathering on acid exfoliators, vitamin C boosters and retinol serums just for the sake of it.

To save precious time, hard-earned money and rescue an overworked skin (using too many products may bring havoc on your skin rather than treating it,) identify your skin’s concerns and find the ingredients your skin needs to diminish them. Or invest in multi-tasking products, as the trend also suggests.

From left to right, find the new time savers of our time.

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SkinCeuticals: serum and oil

For who: anyone with aging skin and/ or imperfections like blemishes, uneven skin tone and large pores

Charlotte Tilbury: overnight mask with self-tanning and moisturizing properties

For who: anyone on the lookout for a sultry Hollywood glow or Ibiza tan.

Sunday Riley: Serum, mask and exfoliator on a bottle

For who: anyone looking to combat a dull complexion and clogged pores. Cleanse skin, slather this on and go get your beauty sleep. If you choose to wear this by day, apply SPF. A treatment with glycolic acid makes your skin sensitive to environmental aggressors.

J. One Jellypack: Antioxidant serum, primer and moisturiser

For who: anyone looking to prep and prime before makeup or treat skin with a daily dose of antioxidants and hydration.

Weleda Skin Food: Universal cream for face and body

For who: Winter time saviour for anyone suffering from dry skin. Flaky elbows? Feed it some skin food. Dry hands? Slather ‘em. Cracked heels? Caress them good with a handful of lotion.


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