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Jag har länge varit kluven: ska jag skriva på engelska, svenska eller både och då jag skriver blogginlägg? Hade jag en extra timme över varje dag kanske sistnämnda skulle vara möjligt, men som situationen ser ut för tillfället räcker min tid inte till för att producera samma text på två språk på daglig basis. Och orsaken till dilemmat är ju då att 70-80% av de jag umgås med dagligen är personer jag kommunicerar med på engelska. Idag har jag i alla fall tagit tummen ur och skrivit ett blogginlägg på engelska, only for you my friends:


Reasons to adopt a minimalist lifestyle in 2018. (Available on LinkedIn here.)

About a year ago, a couple of weeks after having raised our glasses for the New Year, I was in an Uber on my way from town x to village y in Bali. The driver laughed at me and my friend for bringing so much stuff while traveling - and rightfully so. Shortly after our conversation, this became more of a problem for me. We were far past bringing the essentials. Our bags were overflowing past capacity- everything in them packed like sardines (not to mention the 14 different shades of lipstick I never had the chance to wear because, well, tropical climate). Back home we had picked out the pieces we loved the most, but after two weeks of traveling I hated everything and couldn’t bear the thought of having to bring five shirts (that were too warm for me wear) all over Bali. The solution seemed simple: start letting go of things that didn’t serve a purpose anymore. And that’s exactly what I did.

One pair of shoes was gifted to a staff member in a hostel we stayed at, and a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to another. Feeling the bag getting lighter made me feel more at ease, it freed me and relieved some of my stress. Why? Because the things I got rid of were no longer adding any sort of value to my life. It all made my place cluttered and left me unfocused. So I left the island one bag lighter and a hell of a lot happier.


Though I was back home in Finland, my journey continued. At the time, I was living with my parents, surrounded by stuff I had been collecting throughout the years. Boxes of unused clothes and piles of unnecessary papers littered my room. I dove right into my childhood memories; forgotten homework from fourth grade, a pair of jeans I could no longer fit into, a teddy bear I had been afraid of as a kid and books I never even had the chance to read. I didn’t even feel any emotional attachment to the things, because that was exactly what they were... just things. Stuff. Trash.

Next up was moving - and I think we all know the first step of moving: something old, something blue: IKEA. I was feeling extremely stressed about “having” to buy stuff for my new house; a couch, a coffee table, kitchen table, enough chairs for me to bring over all my friends (which I never ended up doing), a bed, lamps, pillows, extra blankets to make the apartment feel “warm” and “welcoming”, different curtains for all the seasons, and of course a rug, some candles and a couple of extra drawers for more storage space! I quickly realized it wasn’t how I wanted my place to look. I became determined to bring only the necessities and things that would add value or serve a purpose to me into this new home. I wanted to have the apartment be like me: minimalistic.


There are many reasons for adopting a minimalist lifestyle in 2018, and I’ll give you my favorites:

1. It’s good for your personal economy (and your wallet will thank you). Selling stuff that goes unused can be done easily online and you can have someone at your doorstep, ready to pick it up within minutes. In this way, adopting a minimalist lifestyle can actually be a lifesaver in regards to debt. It’s time to kiss student loans goodbye!
2. It’s sustainable and because you’re consuming less, it reduces your impact on the planet! The earth will thank you too.
3. You’ll save time. We all have the same amount of hours per day, but somehow some people are able to get more stuff done? Since becoming minimalist I don’t experience the problem of my mind shifting towards other things. I stay more focused. And the best part: less stuff means less cleaning.
4. To allow personal growth. Letting go of things will not only teach you a lot about yourself, but it’ll also make room for experiencing new things and new people. Not having your possessions control you or steal your attentions will make you grow as a person.
5. "Because the best things in life aren't things."

My home today is not filled with clutter. I keep my possessions to the minimum, and I like it that way; it keeps me focused. Rather than stressing over the next thing to buy or what to spend my money on, I have time for things that are more important to me. I get asked if I ever get the feeling of emptiness, but my answer to that is always the same;

What makes a house a home is not furniture or things, it’s friends, family and feelings.


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  • Julia 27/02/2018 11:44am (2 år sen)

    Great text! You are very well-spoken and the content was inspiring and thought-provoking. Keep up the good work!

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