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  • Chris Lovmark 10/01/2022 11:13pm (17 månader sen)

    Hi there Daniela. Wow, you made a good video here. My story is this and I'm a lot older an you. Me, born and raised in Vasa being a Finlands svensk and I moved to California back in 1979. Lived there for 40 years moved back to Vasa back in 2019 spent the last 2 winters there ok now, I'm in Mexico for the winter ok also I'm flying up to California but then back in April to that little quite Vasa LOL as you say. It was nice for me to see this video of Vasa and around the torget there and everything me now being here in Mexico so anyway, sounds like you have a good life good family in Finland but remember now ok, you are still young but when you get older as I am now thoughts and your life changes. Maybe New York may not be so good when you will be like 70-80 but then you can always move back to Finland and have a simple quite life and that's the charm we have being from the Scandinavian countys that so if things won't work out we always can go back home to speak of so again, work out and enjoy life but don't try to get to big because when you get older all that muscle will be hanging fat. I worked out for years had big muscles like Arnold now it's sagging fat. Even look at Arnold his muscles are just sagging fat now so anyway, enjoy your workout but keep it low. Ha det bra livet gar vidare. Kikka, from Vasa but I'm now in Mexico before I fly up to San Francisco and then back to our so beloved quite Vasa for the summer. Hej da.

    • Daniela Krooks 11/01/2022 4:17pm (17 månader sen)

      Hi Kikka from Vasa! :D Ha, that's amazing! What a small world. I have yet to meet a finlandssvensk here in the US, so that's quite great. I hope you have an absolutely amazing summer in Vasa! There really is no place like it during the summer months.

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